I get to travel with my job... alot. Fortunately I just went international. We went to Shanghai to set up a new showroom. It would be oh so cool if we made this a frequent trip.

The city was pretty interesting, other than the smog... and the CRAZY cab drivers ( I seriously thought I was going to die at some points) there was some pretty groundbreaking architecture and the people were sooo nice.
There are definitely parts of the city that I only got a glimpse of that warrent more time spent. Two especially cool areas were Xintiandi and Tianzifang. While Xintiandi is a pretty new area with TONS of restaurants and shops, Tianzifang is a small area that we came upon while trying to find some dinner one night. Tianzifang had tons of artist gallerys and small independent shops and reminded me alot of Venice how the alleys wound around each other.
I'd love to know other people's input. Have you been to Shanghai? What was your favorite part?

Funny link that someone sent me this morning: http://www.engrish.com/page/2/
more of my pictures here: China

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