Victor Tango's

I have to take a moment and praise my new absolutely positively fave restaurant in Dallas. Victor Tango's. Last night one of my very best friends from home, Anna, came to visit me last night. We went out to eat at VT... now I have been there a few time previous when it was busy, when it was slow and it never fails the food is fab.

Last night was pseudo busy, we had a 40 min wait for a table but I swear it doesn't even matter there! The drinks are original and delicious, pommegranite gimlet anyone? and they have a great selection of beer for the dudes. We hung out caught up, had a drink and then got to our table.

I ordered for the table... there were 5 of us and got a good smattering of things. DON'T miss the ahi tuna nachos if you go. soooo good.

After the food, it brings me to the Decor. It is loungy and darkish and modern and cool. Did I mention cool? someone described this place as a grown-up hipster joint.

Which naturally brings me to the music. Hands down... best jukebox period. seriously. So stop reading this post and go to Victor Tangos.

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  1. there's something about this blog...maybe it's that i was about your age when i lived and worked in dallas. maybe it's because i like wondering what you'll make or cook next.

    maybe it's because you're related to quite possibly the coolest little things in the known universe. {i mean jos and audrey and m.!}

    maybe it's all of the above. well done. karey m.


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