Lovely Classics

I know a LOT of people have been posting about the penguin classics lately. They are pretty fabulous. I can't wait to recieve my editions of Emma, Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland and Great Expectations.

But what I really want to tell you about is this leather bound series that Barnes and Noble has come out with. They are so awesomely well priced ($17 if you get them online) and the artwork on the fronts are equally as pretty. Plus your library gets stocked with some excellent classics that could be passed down generations from now. I just scooped up Sherlock Holmes, Grimm's Fairy Tales an Wicked (Son of a Witch).

A couple weeks ago I bought Chronicles of Narnia (of which I am working my way through) and Arabian Nights. I got those in store and love them so much I had to buy more. The Barnes and Noble Alice's Adventures is pretty cute and girly too.
By the end of this I may need a new bookcase!

**the penguin books on Amazon are on sale for $14 right now**

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  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and I believe it'll most likely be a daily read for me now!

    I LOVE those Penguin Classics. Every time I see them, my heart screams with desire. Unfortunately, I've put myself on a book buying ban. :(



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