photo from Bon Appetit

I just finished the last of our sunday night dinner leftovers. I know it is totally unoriginal but Ben and I made the exact Sunday dinner menu from Bon Appetit mag. And Man it was good. Plus I learned how to roast a chicken! It was pretty easy, we made the chipotle version from the magazine but you could eaily mix it up with other herbs.

The menu was:
Chipotle Roast chicken Tacos
Potato, Corn and Poblano Gratin
Radish, Cucumber and Arugula salad

Also in this issue I noticed that the food styling was starting to look more like the late Gourmet... or maybe that is wishful thinking.


  1. it was good! i can confirm that!

  2. i'm so glad you said roasting a chicken was easy i've been putting it off for years and have built up quite the phobia.

  3. don't be scared! the hardest part was making the butter and that was just combining things. whats the worst that you could happen?
    good luck!


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