NYC- meat packing district

I just spent 2 weeks... in NYC. that is a long time my friends, especially sharing a NY size room with someone. :) I got to do some really fun things: saw 2 musicals, American Idiot (this is a brilliant show for my generation) and Mary Poppins (amazing set), excellent dinners out, time with friends in the city and good shopping... although I am buying a house (more on that later).

the high line
The highlight of my trip was the Meat Packing District... specifically the High Line. I went there 3 times! it is just a cool relaxing place. And the Meat Packing district is so groovy in itself with all the fashion houses, art galleries and delicious food. We went to Spice Market one night and it was hands down teh best food I have had in my entire life. no exaggeration! All in all as far as work trips go, this one was pretty brilliant.

the standard hotel in the heart of Meat Packing district

i am framing this one

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  1. Edgar is also traveling a lot with work these days and he says the same thing! Two weeks anywhere in such small quarters is a LONG time! Especially when you know there is a new house out there waiting for you!!!!! Congrats! Looking very forward to following your house stories!


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