little by little

We had a few people over for dinner last night, which was good motivation for me to get some stuff done. Here are a few photos of what the house looks like so far. More to come.
Painting done last weekend, before we moved the furniture in.
Grey: Benjamin Moore Chelsea Grey. I am in love with this color.
Our Panton chairs arrived an hour before the guests. Perfect timing!


  1. what a gorgeous house! i saw a few photos on simple lovely and had to come check it out.

    that is the most perfect shade of grey i've ever seen... and don't even get me started on the hardwood floors.

  2. Thank you I heartkiwi! It is pretty perfect. With just the right amount of warm to it. :)

  3. love that rug. (and everything else. especially the "pops" of blue!)

  4. Wow, love it!! Where did you get that rug?! It's fantastic!

  5. @Kara, it is from global views (where i work). you can call customer service and they can point you to a retailer. globalviews.com


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