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I have a secret... I have a crush on another man... I mean does it count if he isn't alive anymore? Josef Frank was an infinitely interesting man and from scandinavia so he automatically has the clean aesthetic that I crave. But other than that, his textiles, wall paper and architecture is amazing. Organic, colorful, modern and fun... what more could you want?!

SO... I am getting a lovely Duncan Phyfe style sofa from my Grandmother... similar to the one above... and the first thing I thought of to recover it in was a big bold Josef Frank fabric (although my grandmother would surely die and not let me have the sofa if she knew my plans).
I am on the hunt to find the perfect fabric.
I found this Ikea knock-off for a super great price, but a)I am worried it wont hold up and b)I feel like it is simply doing an injustice to the original.
what to do?

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  1. i like...no wait LOVE that IKEA fabric. I say do it!


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