it all began with a succulent

It all started with needing a place to put a succulent. Then 3 succulents, then 25 smaller succulents, then soil to go in the pot, next thing you know we are at the nursery buying a century plant and doing massive amounts of yard work. Still no fence though... in case you were wondering. But our front and back doors look a little jazzier with their new green friends.

Yesterday we watched the (very lame) game from our patio and jammed on white chili while the few trick or treaters came by. I will post the recipe later this week when I make an encore batch (it was that good!)


  1. love the big planter for the succulent. i'm a big fan of the cacti as well- the one plant i can't kill:)

  2. @tonia thanks! the blue square planter is from Walton's in Dallas. There is a link above.
    the metal one i found at a sample sale and retrofitted it with holes for drainage.

    @allison me too! i need plants i cant kill.

  3. that silver planter is KILLER!!!!!!!!

  4. I think this is a great addiction - it's not that expensive, as you can usually find succulents of all descriptions in friends gardens and beg a piece - and they look so fantastic in salvaged containers. There is no downside (except for running out of space for them all...)

  5. We SO have the same hobbies. Wish I'd discovered this when you were in Greensboro:) Love the silver planter too.

  6. i know suzanne!! better late than never. even from afar!


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