I have a love affair with maps. Probably because traveling is one of my favorite things to do. I tried to convince Ben that we need to cover an entire wall in the study with a map. His response? "it will look like an elementary school" BOO. So... I am on the look out for maps that don't read "elementary school"... I found this one over on Material Girls, and isn't it Fab? It's Paris, and brilliant. See the artist Aaron Straup Cope's other maps over here. It's on my wish list.


  1. Erin! I have a thing for maps too. I have a cool on that I need to figure out how to hang! Have you ever seen these:



    http://www.thesearethings.com/ (I love the black and white one!)


  2. Oh! Your friend, Kim, beat me to it! I was going to suggest These are Things-I have the world one and it is as pretty in person.


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