Mod Monday

Sharon Tate via Jan Showers
If I could go back and choose a time period to live in it would definitely be late 50's-early 60's. That era is pure brilliance. Everything about it. The architecture, the furniture design, the fashion, the hairstyles, the laid back elegance, the style of entertaining.
So, my friends, I introduce the first edition of Mod Monday! I will highlight something modern that is stylistically of that era or something actually of that era every monday.

I begin with Sharon Tate. Someone the other day said that I reminded them of Sharon Tate, so I looked up some photos of her and found this jewel (top) over on Jan Showers blog. She, of course, is way more glamorous than I, but what was funny was that Jan Showers had Drew Barrymore right next to Sharon in the post. I have heard all my life that I resembled Drew Barrymore (maybe the chubbier, uglier little sister) but I will take the compliment none the less. Plus I LOVE Drew. seriously. LOVE.

Anyway, back to the matter... all of these photos are perfection. It makes me wanna go blonde in a bad kinda way. I'll get back to you on that though. :) The slightly tousled and teased hair (sometimes with a bump) the long golden curls. yes, please!
Drew from cover story of Harper's Bazaar via Jan Showers

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