our Christmas tree... and meet Buddy!

Our Christmas tree is white with blue accents. Surprise, surprise (said with sarcastic tone), although I really do love it, albeit its complete and utter predictability.
Yesterday was full of activities: adopting Buddy, setting the house for Christmas and having an impromptu sunday dinner with Jos and family.
I even set out a bowl of hot pink vintage ornaments from my grandmother. I love the one with the silver divet in the middle. There is no way I was putting those gems on the tree for fear of them falling and breaking. Not to mention Buddy's already obsession with chewing on the fake tree.

Buddy is 2 years old and we got him from the SPCA. He is sweet and fun and very friendly.
If you are in Dallas, then the Texas SPCA has a pavilion set up at Northpark through Christmas.... you should go adopt (or at least go visit) these adorable animals!!

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  1. YaY for adopting Buddy from the spca ~ what a pretty kitty cat. he looks like he fits right in @ your house! your casa looks awesome & I heart the vintagey tree w/blue.
    it's so nice when ppl adopt animals that are not babies - the older ones need forever homes too. happy holidays!!


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