A guest room

Workroom Currently
One of the reasons we bought our house was so that we could have a workroom(office) and a guestroom. But after the 3rd bedroom got turned into our TV room and we made our office, there wasn't really a place to put the guestroom. So... like many others, we have decided to combine the guest room with the office.

Vegas Condo with daybeds (made and unmade)
 I have pondered how to make it less obvious that this room is either one. I want to make it comfy and usable for both situations and the perfect solution in my mind is to have a daybed. I developed these really awesome daybeds that are being used in the Las Vegas condos for work (see above), but they are still a bit out of the range of my personal budget.

Case Study bed from DWR
Enter, case study daybed, and a little site called hairpinlegs.com that I found in the back of my Atomic Ranch. I found a DIY on Apt Therapy, but I am pretty sure, since then Hairpin legs has developed a leg strong enough for this project. That, combined with my GROUPON I got yesterday for Mattress Firm, I think this is totally doable and within budget. I am just going to change it up a bit, and make a twin mattress the bottom cushion and construct the back piece from whatever fabric I choose for the base. Perhaps use a fitted sheet on the mattress and the flat sheet to upholster the back cushion... just thinking out loud.

Hairpin legs for DIY
In the mean time, we have to sell our Ikea Saarinen table knock off (pictured in top photo) email me with a price and we'll talk!

Stay tuned for an update on how the DIY daybed is going, and the workroom/guestroom makeover is going.


  1. I've been looking for some hairpin legs! I can' wait to see what you have in store.

  2. Great house tour on AT, and I love the house. For years (too many) I've been searching for the perfect living room chairs and now I've realized that you own them. When you have a moment could you please give me liitle more information on them. My husband and I are both architects but don't know much about furniture companies / dealers. We're in St. Louis.

    Nicely done on the house. I'm a crazy lover of blue as well!



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