Mod Monday- Thrifty finds

A couple lamps @ White Elephant and isn't that giant globe awesome?
This weekend I went on a little scavenger hunt through the antique and thrift stores in Dallas. Joslyn, Sandra, Audrey and I headed out, not with a mission but just to see what was out there. We went to LHO, Lula B's West and The White Elephant, then got down and dirty at the Casa View Thrift and Value World Thrift in my Neighborhood.

Dresser on left from Lula B's; Dressers on right @LHO (both really great deals so you should buy them cause I have no place for them!)

fun glasses at Lula B's

Fruteria in Casa View shopping center
We even checked out the new Fruteria, which I am extremely excited about because of the quality of fruit and the price! Can't wait to try the Horchata.

my finds
I found a lot that I wanted...  but only purchased 2 things: a Neiman's Christmas Catalog from 1973 (with an Illustration from Bjorn Wiinblad) and a bench that needs a little love (from Value World for $25!!!). Gotta save for that Fence!

If you want to do a little online shopping... check out these two sites for MCM stuff:
MCMF (found via SFGirlbybay)
ModernHaus (Summer finds pretty amazing stuff... especially these lamps)


  1. I love going into the White Elephant, I get great inspiration! You shop at Value World too?

  2. Oooh... I love the dresser from Lula B's.

    Good find on the bench! Looks great in the hallway.

  3. Thanks for the shout, Little e!!
    Good eye on the Wiinblad--totally underappreciated I think.
    You've got some great stuff out there!

  4. jealous of the bench! I think there are 7 thrift stores in our neighborhood!

  5. @tonia, gotta love value world but with all those they are totally hit or miss.
    @jennifer, if you really are interested, I know the seller of that dresser, i can call her for you
    @summer, absolutely!
    @Cassie, I know.. pretty genius. we need to have you over so I can actually meet you! haha

  6. I am LOVING that bench! What a great find!

    Sounds like a wonderful day of thrifting.

  7. the bench is looking killer!!!


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