Mod Monday

I just got back from a week long work trip in Atlanta, we got out on Saturday and dodged the snow! But before we made our way out of town we went to the Scott's antique market and I scored this little gem. That place always has at least a few awesome things... remember this score?
Although the guy I bought it from didn't know much about it, or that it had no markings on it, the best guess was that it was made in the late 60's. The coolest thing is that the metal part is actually an insulated sleeve. The coffee pot is all white underneath. 
And it works great! I used it for my Earl Grey yesterday. :)


  1. I like this coffee/tea pot. It just needs a little tray to sit on.

  2. @tonia i know! any ideas... btw, we totally need to go thrifting together, i have a feeling you are good. :)

  3. I SO want to go to Scott's! Maybe we should plan a trip together someday!

  4. @christen yes please!! on a more local scale i want to go to Canton sometime too... still havent gone.


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