Tweet-up Thrift outing (a better re-cap)

I don't think I did the tweet-up outing justice on my post from yesterday, but Tonia told us to keep the word "mum" on where she took us so the secret didn't get out. Yes, we met the Mayor. No, we did not believe Tonia when she said that this place was amazing. YES, it was SUPER fun and I can't wait to do it all over again.

So, Thank YOU Tonia!! I still have a super crush on your shoes! You can read Tonis's recap of the adventure over on Chic Modern Vintage. Then at least I am keeping my word to stay quiet. ;)


  1. OH MY!! Thanks Erin, I did have fun with you guys we need to do it again. I'll DM you the place where they migh still have a pair

  2. Great post! It was so much fun! What's up with the cropping on our picture? :)


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