I wish I lived in LA... and a great Philosophy

Emily Henderson had an awesome source guide on her Blog today... but it is all in LA. Soooo if you are there, check out her awesome list.
My favorite thing about her post was her philosophy on sharing sources. It's genius and something that I believe as well. In fact, I just had this conversation with Sam the other day.

Here it is:

"A lot of people are secretive with their sources, but when it comes to mainly vintage the more business they do the more they can buy, its not like they will run out of vintage, they will just be able to turn over more, and charge less.  And its a recession people.  A lot of these stores have suffered, so the more you help them the better. Let's put good design in the hands of the people.  It's like i want to be the Trader Joe's of design." 

Agree? Disagree?

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