Mod Monday- a DIY

Ben and I started a little DIY this weekend. A platform day bed with hairpin legs. We got a little direction from Todd Oldham's book, Handmade Modern. We are going to stain it to make it look a little more finished and I pick up the mattress tomorrow. This is just a sneak peak to the grand scheme change in the room.


  1. Can I borrow the book when you're done?

  2. What a great DIY project, it'll look awesome when it's done. Can't wait for pictures!

  3. Todd Oldham's (interpretation of the Case Study Bed by George Nelson)'Floating Bed Platform' is a great design and importantly economical to construct.

    I have 2 concerns and should appreciate some advice:
    1. The platform would allow the mattress to slip around.
    2. The mattress would be unable to breath.

    The old Case Study platform beds had perforated wire which stopped any movement of the mattress and in turn allowed it to breath.
    Modernica's bed has perforated metal and also allows for the above.


  4. @anonymous- those are very valid points. to answer them:
    1. yes, the mattress could slip around, but many platform beds are made that way so i think it is a matter of preference, and how much moving on the mattress you will be doing.
    2. if you are worried about breathing perhaps you could drill a few strategic holes through the plywood? since mine isnt actually going to be slept on that often, I am not really worried. Plus, what about all those people that but the unbreathable covers around their mattresses these days, regardless of the bed it is sitting on.


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