You are a "go-er"

That is the phrase coined by Ben for me this weekend (and always). Apparently I like to "GO".
Here's what I did this weekend summed up in a few Hipstamatic photos... I was a little obsessed. **and as I review... it was ALOT of eating and drinking** The photo above is at Matt's
Chili cook-off my fave was the Surprisingly the Vegan Raw Chili since I couldnt get that recipe, I found this one that looks pretty yummy on veganlicious
Tequila tasting at Joslyn's... her party styling is the BEST!
Dinner for our good friend Tony at Samar

got a gameplan together for my custom hat at The House of MacGregor

lunch at Bolsa with my friend Allison

1 comment:

  1. you *are* a "go-er" but i like that about you!!!


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