Fiddle fig tree

I have been watching marathons of Secrets From a Stylist and on the last one I saw, I spotted a Fiddle Fig in the corner. Normally I wouldn't notice this kind of thing but I have been seeing them pop up a ton of places lately. Including my bosses office, Joslyn's living room, and This month's RueMag.

Then I googled it.... To find that Emily Henderson had used it in her design star finale show, Jonathan Adler rocked a couple in his dining room and Other people love and blog about them too!!

Now I am on the look out for how to fit this fun indoor tree into our decor.


  1. I would love one at home cause I am fixated.

  2. I have been obsessed with these fig trees forever and have also seem them crop up all over the place!! (I swear Elle Decor has one included in almost ever issue.) I've never done much research about where to find them and I'm almost afraid to learn how much they cost, but I would also LOVE to have one in my home! Let me know what you find.


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