A reupholstery project

My mom is in town next week, and I am super excited for some QT. One of the things we are going to do while she is here, is reupholster a chair from my grandmother. My mom taught me how to upholster about 7 years ago and since then I have done a few smaller things, including this project on D*S

So, I was challenged to get the whole chair stripped, numbered, photographed and painted (I am allowed to paint this one albeit an heirloom) so Sharon can ride in and help me with the easy part. I literally stabbed myself with the screwdriver tonight trying to get the staples out.

And since I am documenting this photographically step by step, I will post a DIY guide when I am finished. :)

Oh and here is the fabric I am using:


  1. Where ever did you find that chair? I'm sure its going to be gorgeous.

  2. Awesome! I applaud your initiative. I have a chair that I purchased with the intention to reupholster it but turns out I'm not exactly sure how to go about that (silly me). Looking forward to your tutorial!


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