Mod Monday- a day late and in Vegas!!!

Last night (which was still Monday, I would like to point out), we took a mini adventure to Frankie's Tiki Room in Las Vegas for Happy Hour. If you are looking for a fun time, Off the Strip this place is pretty hooty and fun.
As you can see from the drink menu, it is pretty legit. I had the Lava Letch, but although it's a funny name the Bearded Clam was pretty rockin' (hold inappropriate comments please) ;)

I will do a post later this week on some other places in Vegas, because in 2 and a half weeks here I am starting to feel like a local.

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  1. arggg! i can't believe there was another mod freak at market. were u there a couple years ago when they had the midnight double-decker mid-century Vegas bus tour? it was rad! i really want to coordinate another one with the WMC...do you know other vintage Vegas fans?


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