Thrifty Tweet-up version 2.0

On this edition of thrifty Tweet-up, we headed to Ft.Worth where Hilary showed us around.
First stop was BerryGoodBuys. I Loved how in the Berry Boutique, they had all the "good" stuff merchandised by color.
Then Christi, Sandra, Hilary and I headed over to the Lemon Tree. It was like dejavue, cause we had to track the lady that owned the place down. And although, there was no air-conditioning there was a treasure trove of stuff.... We spent a HUGE amount of time there. I'm not real sure how I made it outta there with only a necklace. Everyone else did pretty good though too.
If you plan on going, go soon because word on the street is that the Lemon Tree is closing soon.

We then escaped the heat for a yummy lunch at Joe t. Garcia's.
Fun outing ladies!!
Version 3.0 (east Dallas or Lewisville)?


  1. Yay!! I had so much fun! Thanks to all you girls for coming out. East Dallas sounds fun to me.

  2. I hate that I missed. We should plan another one in FTW,TX soon


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