Missoni Madness!!

This morning, I did wake up early for the Missoni at Target only to find their server must have crashed... And for the record, so not cool that as of 10 pm, it is still not up.
I headed out the door to arrive at 8 (when the store opened) to watch over 100 people walking into the store. EEk!!!
I had a couple things in my head that I was looking for, the pink cardigan and the shoes. I ended up with Waaaaay more than I should have gotten because the peer pressure to start grabbing stuff kicked in. I mean seriously guy in line in front of me that had NO idea what you were buying until you started to sort through it in line and then when you saw the tray I had you jumped out of line to go grab it?! I ended up returning the tray with a couple other things.
I do think I made out pretty well, and for just over $150 (I got a couple other things not pictured cause they are gifts). :)


  1. At least you were able to get something. I got there after dropping kids at school this morning and there were only a couple of things left... I did get to go online in the morning and bought some things I wanted for the house that will get here next week. By the way, I loved the black and white bike :-)

  2. i am shocked you could get online!!! the bike was pretty sweet. :)

  3. Cute cardigan! I have so much stuff that I don't wear already. I decided to keep my coins for thrifting :)


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