A dress... for my hat! and I need some opinions PLEASE!

I bought this super fun hat for a wedding that I am attending in Scotland in December. It is a Ryan Wilde piece that I scored in Brooklyn this summer. BUT... here is my dilemma, I have no dress to wear with the hat. 
So friends, I have narrowed it down to a few choices and need some opinions. keep in mind, it will be Scotland in December... so I will most definitely have on tights and a wrap/sweater/shrug type deal. and maybe some boots or booties.
I am trying to keep in the theme of the feathers so green or black was my thought.
From left to right starting at the top: black wrap dress, green origami dress, black lady dress with cool neck, green heathered dress, black dolma sleeve dress, one shoulder green dress.

Also, I will probably buy this super badass gold gator claw from Georgia Varidakis (she is friends with Ryan and sold me the hat + she cast the necklace from the same gator claw that is INSIDE the feathers on my hat). so cool....
Wanna know what makes the hat EVEN cooler?! It was worn by Iman in VS. magazine (I apparently have it on backwards in my photo above).


  1. Oh my goodness. This is a longer conversation than I can handle here. We need to talk. Also, when is the wedding (as in, which date in dec?).

    For the record, I love the hat and lean towards the green origami or the black wrap dress.

  2. It is an honor to know someone like yourself who can pull this off!

  3. I am a huge Ryan Wilde fan and that hat is amazing (as they all are). I have to say I think the green origami dress is the perfect accessory for that hat!

  4. This is so awesome Erin!!! A feather hat for a wedding in Scotland... love it! I'm going to put my first vote in for the black wrap dress but the green origami is a lose second.


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