Home Improvement: Starring the Davis crew!

My Dad (Robin), brother (Keynan) and Mom (Sharon) came into town last friday and man, when I rattle off the list that these fabulous home improvement mavens (my family!!) did, your jaw will drop. Are you ready??
  • Hung a chandelier over our dining table
  • Helped me hang the "together" pendant
  • Repaired BOTH umbrellas that the wind broke
  • Ripped out an unsightly (and unsuable) light post in the front yard and replaced it with an outdoor outlet on our carport
  • Added an outlet on the kitchen island
  • Cleaned our gutters
  • Organized 3 of our closets
  • BUILT TWO 6' outdoor tables
  • Cut down a tree and made it into a bench
  • Installed lighting in our garage
Jaw dropped yet?? So, what did I do to deserve this awesome treatment?!?!
They are just that awesome and I can not tell you how grateful I am to them. :)
Have a Happy Weekend! I am headed off to China tomorrow.

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