Handmade this Holiday

Ok, so this isn't my pledge to make ALL my presents handmade... BUT I am trying to give a little homemade/handmade vibe to my gifts this season. Even if is is made by someone else [local]. That counts too... right?!
Hilary getting a pretty groovy dress herself
 I started my quest with Hilary [inspired] with a jaunt over to the Dallas Flea on Saturday. Keepin it local, y'all. We had a blast talking to artists and collectors and merry handmakers. I was especially impressed with:
I bought the necklace on the top left... serious outfit gamechanger
Dress [top left] from Sofia Lovely Hunter [top right] makes it's debut at vintage Christmas Party [photo by Andrew Balwin]
I was feeling so crafty and inspired that Sunday, I made a batch of sugar scrub found on Pinterest for my homegirls at work.
Since I was on a role, I went ahead and made washi tape gift tags for all my gifts to give them a lil handmade flair.

So what are you doing for gifts this holiday? Making anything good i need to know about?!

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  1. Love this idea and had so much fun shopping for inspiration!!


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