1 month Blog hiatus... OVER! & my #febphotoaday challenge

It started by me being busy, then manifested into days and days going by with no posts. So about halfway through the month, I decided to keep going with my non-posting. It was kinda refreshing and I feel like I am a little more inspired. You could however, have found me over on Instagram everyday because I was doing the #febphotoaday challenge (via FatMumSlim). So, here you go. Here is my month of February in 29 photos.

Above going clockwise from top left: 1: Your view today-Oak Cliff; 2: words- White Rock Lake; 3: Hands- HID; 4: A "fabulous" stranger
clockwise from top left:: 5: 10 am; 6: dinner; 7: button; 8: sun- downtown Dallas
clockwise from top left:: 9: front door; 10: self portrait; 11: something that makes you happy-Buddy; 12: inside your closet
 clockwise from top left:: 13: blue; 14: heart; 15: phone; 16: something new
 clockwise from top left:: 17: time- party "time"!; 18: drink; 19: something I hate to do- dishes; 20: something I ate
 clockwise from top left:: 21: a fave photo of me- and Callie; 22: where I work; 23: my shoes; 24:inside my bathroom closet
top left:: 25: green; bottom left 26: night;  top middle: 27: something I ate; top right 28: money; bottom left 29:  something I am listening to- fans at the Stars game

There you go! I promise March will be better. AND I am so looking forward to The Texas Style Council in Austin next weekend!! woot!

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