A colorful outdoor weekend

Among other things, Ben and I worked out in the yard Saturday, getting our backyard in order. I think it is coming together rather nice. Imagine white rocks around the bottoms of the teal planters and the benches on the table being painted the same color as the Moroso Supernatural chairs we scored a couple weekends ago. **note, the top left photo has been filtered on Instagram It's not that bright. :) see Ben's post for accuracy. Ben is also pretty handy and whipped out some planters for our garden
I also went by the Hoopty Sale at Mary's Finds and got that cute little lamp and dress. Sunday we had a fun outdoor brunch in which my friend, Nico took me out on his Vespa for a spin around the hood. It was an amazing weekend. How was yours?

1 comment:

  1. The backyard looks great! Sorry I missed the brunch, I had soccer.


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