If you need a Holiday...

Once upon a time, 2 girls graduated college with no jobs and the whole world in front of them. What better way to start their new life then a road trip across the United States? With the Honda packed and newly acquired stick-shift driving skills (for one of them), they set off from NC to CA and a lotta places in between.
I could continue to tell you the entire story, but you would need some time and a few cocktails.
The two girls were myself and my bestie/college roommate/ partner in crime Amanda. I learned a lot, had a lot of fun and started my overall journey to Texas (that's another story) on that trip.
What does this all have to do with the photo above you ask? Well, we took A LOT of photos on that trip, but the Holiday Motel photo above was my favorite. Amanda was driving us out of Las Vegas and I snapped this one out the window. I have always wanted to blow it up big, and since I snagged a deal on Daily Candy recently I was able to.
What better place to put it than our guest room? So that's where it now lives. Anytime I need a holiday or a trip down memory lane, I can go gaze. Won't you come join me?

On another note, I picked up that rocking giant S at Junkadoodle last weekend. Pretty sure it's gonna make an appearance at our wedding.


  1. Road trip photos are the best! My house is full of them.

  2. Don't know how I missed this post... love the story though. And great photo!!

    Btw, going to The Dallas Flea tomorrow. Wish you were in town!


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