Mod Monday- Twiggy!

Last week, Ben and I were talking, I mentioned how fabulous this girl's "Twiggy" lashes were (we were people watching). Ben's response: "Twiggy?"
I was shocked and appalled. Then we asked 2 more of our friends if they knew who she was. Both no. Mortified and saved by my girlfriend who joined the conversation, she did know Twiggy, we took the experiment to Facebook. Only to be disappointed again. So tonight I find myself browsing Twiggy image search on Google, then to http://www.twiggylawson.co.uk/ for a big dose of Twiggy.

So tell me friends, you know who Twiggy is... Right?! If not, please educate yourself. :)


  1. Yes! I know. She was on Top Model years ago, I think that's how I learned about her! Her eyelashes though, come on, amazing! Just like you my friend! Miss you!

  2. I love TWIGGY! She was such a fantastic, quirky model back in her day.


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