A few things I would buy today if I had an extra $2000

OK, let me start off this post with a disclaimer that if I had an extra $2000 I would probably not buy all of these things... I would pay off a couple bills then put the rest in the wedding fund. This is more of a "loving list" and swoon-worthy objects. Disclaimer aside, here we go:
1. Prada Baroque sunglasses, I saw these in People magazine a few weeks ago and even went into the Prada store in NYC and tried them on (they looked fabulous on me, just sayin') I am seriously in love with them. But I lose things....
2. Trina Turk Graciella dress, I stalk the Trina Turk website about 4 times a week, but have never had an extra few hundred laying around to buy one of these fabulous dresses. Lucky for me, Banana Republic has just launched a capsule collection, but go fast cause since this morning there are already things they are sold out of. Including a fab pair of orange shorts I was gonna buy tonight... GONE. blast.
3. A Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP), preferably one built for water yoga. Ben and I went out last weekend on White Rock Lake, I rented the SUP and Ben the kayak. It was seriously so much fun that I came home and started googling prices for SUPs. Then I found out you can do water yoga (what?!?! awesome) and I became even more obsessed. Seriously obsessed. If anyone has a used board they are willing to sell me, let me know. Otherwise I'm holding out for that extra $2000.


  1. Text me the link/size and I can look at Willow Bend for you... aka the mall where nobody goes and the shelves remain stocked :)

  2. I SUP'd in Austin last summer and I cannot wait to get back on one this summer! I want to do it once a week!


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