bib necklaces

I have a slight obsession with bib necklaces lately. They are the perfect thing to dress up a t-shirt or a fancy outfit. Here is a round up of my faves from etsy.

from top left moving clockwise: Pearl scarf necklace, Fringe benefits, Stone pieces, Statement necklace, Marichelle lace necklace, Radiolaria necklace


  1. HI..I just clicked on the other blog. I dont know which one of you are from Dallas...love the blogs. I just found Again and Again and the guy in the store told me a blogger was just in there and did a post on the store and I am clueless as to who she is...i thought me and emily were the lone bloggers in dallas.

  2. the picture top center - why is her chest so gigantic and trying to escape from that tiny little tank top she's wearing?


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