Here is the dress that I made a few weeks ago. With the help of my aunt Sandy, mom and cousins, we made it in a mere 24 hours. Seriously though, i couldn't have one this by myself this is not a pattern for novices. It is a little long for the style and the sizing runs larger than I wished but all in all pretty cute huh?

**please ignore the cheesy picture**

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  1. a) when did you start this blog? I was looking for a photo on our old blog (http://www.dwr.com/images/newsletter/20071010_Risom/index.html) when i finally saw the link to this guy...

    b) the dress is so very ekd :) they are tough to make - i tried to make one when we lived at campus crossing way back when and it gave me a whole new level of respect for seamstresses.


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