Imogen Heap- Granada Theatre

Ben, myself and a few friends went to the Imogen Heap concert last night. It was amazing! She had this "tree" in the photo above that held many of her instruments that she then looped into the song digitally. Since Ben wrote such an awesome review on his blog, I am going to repost it here with my photos that I took. You can read it on his blog here.

Ben's Post:
Imogen Heap's concert bordered near-magic status last night. Even though she played to a sold-out crowd at the Granada Theater, her performance was peppered with moments of direct address that helped her achieve a playful, friendly level of intimacy with the audience. Her setup was incredible, and her backing band provided extra "mmph" to her performance. I was amazed to see her mic setup. From what I could see, she had at least three lavalier mic kits on: one for her vocals and two mounted on wrist bands. These wrist mics here helpful for when she played other instruments; they picked up sound directly from the instrument itself.
I included one of the crappy iPhone photos I took at the show. After reading the tour's camera policy, I decided against taking my nicer camera. In my opinion, artists should be open and welcome to any and all publicity from amateur photographers and video makers.
Here's a recording I made on my phone. I used the voice memo application, and then pieced the bits together in GarageBand and plopped it in to one file.

This was the last song she did in her encore... you will notice some funky beer bottle noise and talkin'... I was in the back. Yeah, like right next to a trash can.

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