In true fat girl fashion, one of my favorite parts of setting up a showroom is picking out the candy to match our color du jour! We have picked out cheese puffs, Trix cereal and licorice. But as of late I have been ordering our candy from CandyDirect.com because you can shop for candy by color! It is pretty genius. However, I did have to get a supplemental custom order from M&M's website to get a grey and citron combination as picture in the bottom right hand corner.
This would be a great source for weddings, parties and other fun get togethers.
... now if i could stop eating the props!

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  1. So pretty. I envision a fab little candy bar at my (future.hopefully.)wedding. ps, i SO miss you. and the rich people's beautiful pumpkin arrangements. And Central Market. And the state fair...turns out, I miss a lot! :) Hope all is well. Love reading about the progress on the new home.


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