I am in High Point, North Carolina right now gearing up for furniture market that starts on Saturday. It is always sorta weird coming here because I am originally from here... grew up in Charlotte and went to UNCG (a short 20 min drive from High Point). It's mostly strange because I am so close to the things I used to know, college, my family in Charlotte, my grandmother up the road but at the same time there is this sort of strandedness about it. I am here for work, therefore have responsibilities and a full schedule so although I am close to all these people I hold so dear I usually only see them once (which is better than none).

Tonight for instance I saw a few of my sorority sisters, which was great... but sucks that they are only 20 minutes away and I probably won't see them again while I am here. c'est la vie!
It also brings things into perspective, for example when I was in college and only a 40 min drive to my grandmother's I never really went up there to see her but now that I live half way accross the country the 40 min drive is nothing and I get excited even if only to see her for dinner.

I am just glad I see them at all. :)
**I figured out that they make everything sweeter here (tea, cakes, thai food :) and I miss the NC trees more than anything! both things I didn't realize til I was gone**

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