Citron and breaking a stereotype

I was flipping through Real Simple the other day and stopped on the page above because of the black/white/grey and citron color scheme. I LOVE the outfit that the girl is wearing, I may even rock the one the little girl is wearing. Overall I liked the aesthetic and styling of it all. Then I glanced at the next page to see what the advertisement was for... this is when my mouth dropped OPEN. It was Vera Bradley. I have a passionate hate for Vera. It reminds me of mainstream, kitschy, no taste, awfulness. I realize how brazen and horrible that sounds, so let me retract. I then went to the Vera website to check out what's new lately in Vera land (I am open minded you know). What I found were a couple newer "edgier" prints... I'll give her that, and a even maybe... MAYBE one or two things that I could have. just sayin'. I will give it to them. They got someone looking at their Ad that would normally pass it on by!

On another note... I kept flipping through the same Real Simple and came upon this jem! I love everything about this table and reminded me of the sage as the centerpiece in NYC. Citron is big time this season, and I love it with the black and white!!

1 comment:

  1. Love the colors on the table. The accent color on the napkins is very nice.


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