Russel Wright

I am getting schooled in yet another mid-century byproduct. My super fabulous Aunt Sandy sent me a few Russel Wright pieces as a house warming gift. A few platters and saucers that are earthy and cool and modern. Little did she know they would absolutely perfectly fit in with my color scheme!! 

So then I started to do some research. I found out that was an industrial designer that did really groovy "everyday" kitchen pieces but I found some really neat furniture too that he designed. 

My thirst for knowledge on him is peaked. In the meantime I am IN LOVE with these American Modern Pitchers. If you have any info on where I can scheme one of these babys let me know! Especially one of the original vintage ones that matches the green that Sandy has already given me. Although that Chartreuse one is pretty great (more on chartreuse later. :)).

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