You are never going to believe what I found!!

I told you I was on a mission yesterday... that mission? Fabric shopping for my couch that is currently in route to Dallas via my super awesome twin brothers. But I need your help! I found so many fabulous fabrics, I cannot decide! So without further ado:The first picture is an almost identical Josef Frank Knock off with a fraction of the price. It was the last thing that I saw on my way out the door (not sure how I missed it on the way in). My friends, I literally gasped when I turned around and saw this fabric (the saleslady was a little like, uhh are you OK?).

I know, this is what I originally wanted, BUT I found some that may work better in the room.
Hence the next photo... Crazy birds as I like to call it. It is a little weird, but I think the color scheme may work out. AND... It is pretty fun.

Let me now remind you what the room looks like (minus the rocking chair when the couch comes):
And the couch:On the couch, I was going to cover the back and the sides ONLY with the print, and the front with a solid coordinating color with throw pillows in the bold fabric (whatever it may be).

Some other GREAT frontrunners:
And I have already decided I am buying a couple yards of this fabric and making throw pillows for the TV room: It will go great with our new Lime FatBoy.

So, what is your Opinion? Which one should I choose??


  1. This IS though...so in order to give you an honest opinion i opened each pic on my computer so that i could look at them all at once and really asses the situation...here are my thoughts...

    I really like how the crazy birds works with the nola jazz print, but i so love the josef knock off too, but then again geometrics are usually my fav... soooo, what if you covered the outside back & the deck under the seat cushions with the faux josef, cover the inside back, inside arm & seat cushions with a solid and then throw pillows for the sofa with the diamond geo and then use the crazy birds for accent pillows on the chairs or make some large floor pillows... i also like the pop of color that the marigold fabric on the rocker adds...

    If you want to go to City Craft let me know, i am always up for a scouting trip there! Let us all know what you decide! Excited to see how it turns out!

  2. I LOVE the Josef Frank knock-off one too!! Those teal ones are great too, I really like the paisley one (I think that's what it is, kind of hard to tell) but the jf one is just awesome. I can see why you gasped!!

  3. Love it! Can't wait to see the finished product! :)


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