Mod Monday!! its a new year!

My New Year wasn't nearly as wild as this 1960's party (image via Strawberige) in fact it was quite the opposite.  But I LOVE this image!!
We did have a little game night and low key awesome fondu at Joslyn's. Then Jan 1, I was sick, sick sick. I am feeling much better now, still sneeze mania and in Atlanta for work. But all is good.

So pardon the slacker mod monday post.... but I hope you had a FABULOUS New Year and that the entire year is full of prosper and cheer!! Yay 2011, its gonna be good. :)

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  1. Hey Erin, y'all are hard to get a hold of!
    I think you left a flickr link in a comment on my blog and I loved-loved your house. Wondering, would you mind if I share a few pictures on the blog? I totally understand if it's too personal, or if there are any in particular you're not into sharing. Let me know! Thanks! Summer @ modernhaus


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