Tourist in your hometown

I love going back to Charlotte and going out with college friends that now live and know the city as grown-ups. Case and point, I had drinks at Vivace with a few of my sorority sisters. It was such a cool interior and the appetizers were pretty yummy too.
Whenever I am there with family or even old Childhood friends, I tend to slip back into routine and go back to the places that I miss instead of trying something new. Which is ironically, why I love Dallas... Always something new to do.
So tell me, do you have the same problem when going home?

Another cool thing about this particular trip is that we had Kiyo (our Japanese transplant) visiting us so we took extra effort in doing "touristy" things like see the decorations downtown and go to the Duke mansion. (I am ashamed I have never been to as it is 1 mile from my parents house)

None the less, being a "tourist" was one of my favorite things over Christmas break.

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