Mod Monday- sort of

We are looking to do a few quick updates to the outside of the house. Including new house numbers and  a new mailbox. We especially love the Neutra numbers (I was shocked to find out they were from the 1930's and not later) but they are a little out of our budget. So please let me know if you have any ideas!

On Mailboxes we have found a few options:
from Lowes

this one is super cool by Centrifuge available here. It reminds me of the one my Dad built for the outside of their house... also an option.

Ben's favorite and the front runner available here.


  1. These house numbers from Home Depot have a modern look & can be mounted like the Neutra ones... and they are only $6 each. That's what I went with for my house.


  2. I have been wanting to do the same in my house, but the house numbers I would like are expensive. Good Luck and keeps us posted when you get house numbers and mailbox.

  3. erin, I have the ones from Home Depot that Mia posted, I think Kelley posted a photo of them in Katie's baby shower album on facebook.

    Have fun!

  4. home depot is the way to go. just purchased them myself.

  5. I just got those same Home Depot numbers -- but because I needed them darker than silver or gold, I spray painted them with a hammered copper finish -- and they're gorgeous. Took my landlord's handyman about 10 minutes to put them up, too! :) Good luck!


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