I am a HUGE fan of Mark Bittman. I read his column in the NYTimes, follow him on Twitter, watch him on TV . We used to get video installments on our TiVo with mini cooking lessons that were pretty awesome too.
Suffice to say, I was a little more than excited when a friend of mine gave me his new cook book based on his novel Food Matters. It was my resolution (or realization) that I need to lose weight and be held accountable for what I eat. I know, I know... cliche resolution huh? but what the hey! you gotta start somewhere.
If you know me at all I LOVE to eat. seriously. Food is may favorite thing... next to design of course. :) so, this is why I am so onboard with Mark Bittman, because he loves to eat too. I just can't trust people or diets that don't love food. The interesting thing about Food Matters is that you don't actually cut anything out. It is about moderation and accountability for what you eat and helps the environment at the same time.
Now you will have to read his book yourself to truly understand, and I recommend it.

I'll let ya know how it goes.


  1. I love food, and started my blog to become accountable for what I eat. I also like food and design...ha...it is also our emotional connection to food that is insightful. I have also started running outside, everyday for 30mins with hills...so food diary (via my blog), running and EVERYTHING in moderation...

  2. I popped over from your apartment therapy house tour - I may vecome your stocker as I love your style and also live in a cliff may rancho :)
    My hubby loves Mark Bittman - thanks for the birthday gift idea

  3. @miranda, yes it is a great birthday idea!! I have made a few recipes and they are all really good.
    @felicia, i checked out your blog too. thanks for that. I think you can help me stay accountable!


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