Mod Monday- Fly with me!

It's no surprise that I love to travel. The adventure, the chase of discovery! If it involves a trip to somewhere new, count me in. Even if it involves 3 weeks in -20C weather, or rooming with 5 other people to see part of Europe, or signing up for hand bell choir (yes friends, I said handbells). Laugh it up until you hear that I was able to go to Switzerland, Puerto Rico, Vancouver and Toronto with a hand bell choir!! Part of the reason I love my job is because it takes me all over the place. I'll be in NY this week, and off to China in 2 weeks. I am still holding out for India. I would LOVE to go there.
I love to travel now, but I wish it were still like when the Braniff girls were around. I mean, Pucci uniforms?? yes, please! I do believe they are the epitome of MOD.  If I had an extra $250,000 laying around I would snag this tres' chic Braniff/Pucci collection on eBay. But instead I think I am just going to purchase these 2 books:

And watch this show when it premieres in the fall:

Until then, the least the current day airlines could do, is more safety demos like these flight attendants right?

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  1. Thanks for stopping by and participating in the giveaway!. This post is soo brilliant - this is my favourite - mod and bright. And mod bright air hostesses? the best That era was so flattering for women. ..When I was in New Zealand in Jan the cheap airline (can't remember the name now) staff have these zip up Star Trek uniforms which are really cool! Must take a pic next time I'm there...


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