Mod Monday

photo Louis Vuitton via Life In A Venti Cup
I was riding to the market center  a few days ago and spotted these super cool concrete screens at the entrance to one of the old Furniture showroom buildings (I didnt get a photo because I wasn't driving). Then I was catching up on some posts on Life in a Venti Cup, and there they were again! in the Louis Vuitton ad. Naturally, my next step was to google  concrete screens and see if it would be possible to somehow work them into our landscaping plan.
I found a genius comprehensive guide on Retro Renovation and some lovely image inspiration on Erwin House: Diary of a Mid-Century Modern Renovation.

photo via Erwin House
Now all I need is a source in Dallas, suggestions?

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  1. Have you checked out the Lotta Livin' forum for ideas?

    http://www.jewellconcrete.com/shapes.htm?section=0 Go through each of the types--decorative has some cool ones.


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