If I could invite anyone to dinner it would be @donaldglover

I am officially obseesed. My friend Collette introduced me to Childish Gambino recently. And other than the fact that he is a halarious comedian,  actor on one of my fave TV shows, was a writer for 30 Rock (are you kidding me?! awesome), and just well pretty good looking, his lyrics and rapping are damn catchy. Then I found his blog. F*ing beautiful stuff. I flipped through the back archives for like an hour last night.

Needless to say, I just bought my ticket to go see him next week @thePalladium, psyched.

 **images from hipsterchildishgambino, which is also pretty RAD.

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  1. Sounds very very cool am heading over to check him out. Anyone who works on 30 Rock is a total genius in my book and should be marked as Royalty (never mind the Royals!)


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