Mod Monday- Landscaping

Since our fence is done, our next project is landscaping. We want to come up with an official plan, but right now we are in pull inspiration photos mode. Naturally, I started flipping through the photo gallery on RanchoStyle because..... they are ALL Cliff May houses. Here are some photos, I like:
Like the bright green little ferny plant by pool

like how the plants have individual plots surrounded by low maintenance "zero"scape

like the exotic grasses and plant selection here

love the clean "zero"scape on this one.

love the bench and light colored gravel

Like the green pots down the side of the house.


  1. Dreaming and dreaming... If I could only live there.

  2. I'm totally digging this:


  3. Wow you like the same style as I do. Is that your house at the top, very cool. We have a very linear back yard and its worked out really well (and artificial grass which is the best thing for our four kids! or anyone actually). Somehow I've used all New Zealand natives (where I'm from) without realising it but they are perf for this climate.

  4. @ALW unfortunately that is not our house at the top, It is the exact same architecture but our yard is a mud pit. :)


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