Field Trip with Franki!

Last Friday I got to go on  bit of a field trip with Mrs. Franki Durbin. And lemme tell ya y'all, I love her blog but I love her even more in person!
I took her to the Rock Barrel and Wood World. It had been a while since I had been there, but man can you get a deal?!

At Rock Barrel we had fun perusing all the bead, rock and fossil collections. I picked up a few things like some turquoise agate bookends. For a mere.... wait for it.... $25! are you kidding me?! Awesome.
Then we popped next door to Wood World. And man were my wheels a turnin'! Beautiful woods, veneers, slices and more. Anyone wanna go halfsies on the above beauty? We could make 2 BEAUTIFUL cutting boards with it.


  1. Just caught this post. Love you, E! Those shops were amazing. So easy to see why you love them. Hope your trip to nc was amazing!


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