Hello Denver

After a great weekend in Denver, I am ready to move to Colorado. Except for that pesky house we just bought. :)
Aside from the fun, beautiful wedding of our friends Eben and Rachel, Ben and I had so much fun taking downtown on foot (and bike, it was an awesome public bike system!!).
Hi*Rise where we had yummy bagels
We arrived at 7 am on Friday morning by 8:30 am we were already checked in and trying to find something to do. So we found a local bagel shop got dome grub and headed out.
Some Highlights included:
Great Divide Brewery Tasting and Tour

Tattered Cover Book Store

General awesomeness walking down 16th street mall

My favorite... Savory Spice Shop You must go there if in Denver. It is the most genius store. And they are all so nice and shipped our goods AND our books from the Tattered book store home.

lots of Beer... good beer.

The Highlands Farmer's Market

Little Man Ice Cream... this place was soo cute. We went there with friends Julie and Alex and there kiddos.

you know with our radar we were able to find the Mid Century store that just opened up this outpost 3 weeks ago. So cool that I have a whole other post on this later. :)

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