Night Squiggles

Monday night B and I were driving home (I was driving) and I glanced over to notice that Ben was futzing with his camera. At a red light, he goes... Check this out. He showed me a couple photos that he had shot while we were moving. After a couple more, he asks if I wanna try... YEA!

We pull over and switch places, and proceed to drive the long way home for another 30 minutes. We took around 50 photos and narrowed them down. Here is the link to Ben's Flickr set where he tweaked the color and contrast a little.

Basically, he put it on bulb (lowest ISO setting) and we played around with the manual shutter speed until we got what we wanted. Fun adventure. Rad art. QT with my fiancé :) I'm in.

These four are my fave. We wanna print one kinda big for the house. Any preferences??


  1. Those are come cool pics. I need a couple. Seriously.

  2. #3 For the guest room
    #2 - just because. really cool

    anonymous mom.....


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